Ale and Academics: Going to Grad School in Scotland

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been an anglophile. I was obsessed with tdownload (1)he culture, the history, the accents, and the Queen. When I was 13, I got the chance to visit my United Kingdom with the People to People Student Ambassadors program and the trip was better than I could have possibly expected. I even chose my college major, International Studies, based on my experiences from that trip. So, when I decided I wanted to pursue higher education, I immediately knew that I was going to apply to schools based in the U.K.

After a lengthy research process, I decided to apply to four graduate schools all in the U.K. I decided against applying to U.S. based schools because I didn’t want to take the GRE and the majority of programs that truly interested me where in the U.K. I will admit about two weeks before I received any acceptances, I panicked and started applying to a fifth school, but like, don’t do this. For various both academic and personal I chose to apply to King’s College London, Queen Mary University of London, and City University of London.

All the schools I applied afforded me the opportunity to study in the U.K. while receiving an amazing education while still being recognized as quality institutions in the United States. Though I studied abroad in college and interned in London for a summer, I still haven’t satisfied my desire to travel and learn through cultural immersion. I knew that wherever I was accepted if I was accepted, I would have an incredible experience both academically and socially. So, when I finally received my acceptance to all four institutions, my decision was a difficult one.

I am a gut feeling person. Though it isn’t logical, I trust my gut more than anything. My gut told me the University of Edinburgh is where I should be, needed to be. My love for London will always be great, but it was time for a Scottish adventure. Having the 183602_1563262854145_3313116_nopportunity to study at one of the top institutions in the world and also live in a city I had only visited once was a chance I couldn’t pass up.






My bank account is many dollars lighter and my heart hurts because I’m leaving my beloved D.C., but I know I’ll kill it in a kilt. Scotland here I come!


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