Hi!My name is Lucia and I’m a twenty-something, single, awkward girl living in Edinburgh (but I’m a DC. girl at heart). Basically, I’m a romantic comedy cliche. Unaccompanied Adult is about my trials, tribulations, and minor successes and you can avoid or embrace them. From cooking for one to braving the movie theater all by myself, I hope my journey is at best, entertaining, and at least, reassuring that you could be doing worse…a lot worse.

Fun Facts:

  • I’m a ENFJ
  • One of my 2018 goals is to read a book a month (suggestions welcome!)
  • I’m currently studying for my Masters in Edinburgh – which has been an adventure on its own
  • I get very obsessed with certain things, e.g.:
    • Harry Potter
    • Hamilton
    • Podcasts
    • England
  • I love coffee, almost to an unhealthy extent
  • I love to travel. I think everyone should visit Copenhagen at least once


What do you want? 

Let me know what you want to read! Want recipes? Tell me. Want podcast recommendations? I’ll give them to you. Want dating advice? I’m really not your girl…but, I’ll try.

Send me requests, questions, stories, suggestions @ theunaccompaniedadult@gmail.com

I live to serve.